“Let us help you secure your World”365 SMG can help you with:
Conduct periodic grounds check to reduce the likelihood of theft or misappropriation of any goods, other items of value vandalism, sabotage or trespassing of construction site by foot or vehicle.
Protection of property, including but not limited to proprietary information, from harm or misappropriation;
Control of access to premises being protected;
Post “No Trespassing” signs around the site.
Checking vehicle tags and ID to make sure that they are current authorize contractors
Lock entrance and exit, check doors containers, keep an eye out for fires
Make sure vagrants are not occupying the construction side or sleeping in new projects.
Watch for safety and fire hazards and other security related situations;
Enforcing client’s policies and procedures;
With 365 SMG you can rest assured that every step and precaution will be taken to safeguard your project within the means of your budget and without compromising your security.
Construction security services include:
Alarm monitoring
Emergency response
Access control
Video surveillance
CPR/first aid
Mobile vehicle/bike patrol
Employee verification
Guest registration
Parking enforcement
Lock-up and alarm
Fire watch
Crime and trespassing deterrence
Daily activity logs
24-hour surveillance and guard service
Light report
Close and open facility
Employee Termination
365 SMG for your Convenience:
Our higher management will oversee your property, at no additional cost to you.
Monthly management staff meetings to discuss strategies, policies, and procedure changes and implement them swiftly to your security team.
24-hour communications and a Special Operation Response Team for any threading situation (disgruntled employees or non-employee threats made against you and / or your staff).
Investigative work needed by you and up to 2 hours free court time after the investigation is complete.
Replacement of any field agent after being notified of a problem or emergency within 30 minute at the management’s discretion.