Designated Driver & Wine Tours: A designated driver is a person who will assume the responsibility to refrain from the consumption of alcohol so that he/she can safely drive those who have been drinking home safely and in accordance with DUI laws. At 365 SMG we offer a professional and courteous chauffeur service who’s one and only goal is to ensure you arrive and return home safely from a night out on the town be it a trip to your favorite bar or a local winery where you will indulge in some regional flavors. Hiring our chauffeur services will show your loved ones just how much you care about their safety and yours allowing you to have a worry free night of fun that you will never forget.

Long Distance Transportation: This is the perfect solution for those with Aviophobia (fear of flying) or who simply prefers the more scenic route, we will transport you from anywhere in Florida to anywhere in the US and beyond.

Personal Escorts: 365 SMG’s personal escorts will accompany you as you spend a night visiting your favorite restaurant or lounge; your escort will give you plenty of space so that you can entertain your guest/s but close enough assist if the need arises.