Hospital & Healthcare

E-Hospital & Healthcare Security:

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are amongst the most visited places on a daily basis in the US, with many being open to the public keeping track of thousands of visitors and hundreds of patients and staff member is no small undertaking. Keeping a security force both as a visible deterrent as well as respecting the privacy of everyone around requires balance and finesse. Many facilities are popular targets for individuals looking for drugs and unattended personal belongings which could include personal information that could result in identity theft. We at 365 SMG can provide and implement the necessary security measures to minimize the chances of any of these unwanted occurrences with a well thought out strategy that will fit your budget and the size of your facility while offering the protection you need. 365 SMG will work to make sure you’re in compliance with all government regulations and requirements for the joint commission HIPAA, CMS and all other accreditation inspections. We also offer facility support services that include K-9 protection, transportation and emergency response planning. Our unique understanding of the ever changing healthcare field allows us to provide the best option in state of the art and up to date security measures for this complex and demanding field.