What We Do;

Residential community: Communities come in many shapes and sizes and each presents its own set of challenges in order to provide that which we value the most, the safety and peace of mind of our friends and family.

With 365 SMG you can rest assured that every step and precaution will be taken to safeguard your community within the means of your budget and without compromising your security

Our services include: Gatehouse Guard, Patrol Services, Access and Traffic Control, Agreement Enforcement and Supplementary Services for special occasions like community events, parties, pool access and more

Often a security force may very well be the first and more importantly lasting impression of a particular community; our expert security force is well trained to handle such an important responsibility, it is imperative to provide a safe but also welcoming environment to those in the community as well as visiting guests. Our patrolling officers serve as a visual deterrent and a constant reminder of vigilance against criminal and non-criminal activity. We also understand the importance of being discrete and non-intrusive, we aim to provide security but to also blend in and become part of the community itself.

Our officers are experts in observation and detection of anything out of the ordinary, they will ensure that building systems are in place; access doors locked and secure, security light are on and not tampered with so that your building, community or complex remains a safe place to live and work

They also provide a quick and first response option to potential emergency situations like fire or flooding, they will also serve as a stand-by for water leaks and power outages

Other responsibilities include conducting vehicle patrols, foot patrols, lock checks, parking lot checks, interior/ exterior checks and coordinating with emergency response services if needed

A crucial part of the process is matching the right candidate to the security post best suited for his/her skillsets and here at 365 SMG we pride ourselves in the extensive training we provide to ensure the perfect match every single time so for community and or other posts that require constant interaction with the public we recruit confident and courteous individuals who will inspire trust but also convey a friendly demeanor.

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Peter Montalvo / CEO