Special Events & Entertainment Guard

Entertainment security:

We are leaders in the security industry when it comes to technology. By utilizing our specialized text message program via a technology everyone is familiar with, we are enabling the fans and event attendees to assist us in maintaining a safe and fun environment by giving them the power to report any unruly, disorderly and or unlawful behavior they might witness with a simple text message sent from any mobile device connecting them instantaneously to our security command center where officers can respond quickly and decisively, when it comes to security, time is of the essence and a quick response increases the chances of our officers to arrive faster and defuse the situation before it escalates into something more serious potentially putting innocent bystanders in harm’s way. In essence the fans/attendees will become thousands of eyes and ears on our behalf enhancing the safety and enjoyment of everyone.

365 SMG Text Messaging Service:

365 SMG’s experienced task force will provide a comprehensive risk assessment and analysis for any event that we cover whether it is a public/corporate/private event, TV companies, sporting event, and theme parks. 365 SMG offers a full range of services like uniformed guards for crowd and parking control, securing limited access areas and coordinating with local law enforcement and emergency services to ensure a quick and accurate response to any possible emergency situation. Our local guard force’s comprehension of event security is second to none; they will provide the proper coverage without the need for excessive presence and without compromising your security needs. Our force is comprised of talented and well trained individuals who always adhere to local security licensing regulations and they are accustomed to situations where dealing with the public requires a friendly yet professional approach.

Special Events



Place of Worship

Place of Worship Contact Us Place of Worship 365 SMG assists places of worship with developing their own security teams from volunteers in the congregation.

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Bar / Nightclub Security

Bar / Nightclub Security Contact Us Bar / Nightclub Security 365 SMG utilizes state-of-the-art technology to detect fraudulent identification cards such as driver’s licenses and

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