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42hr “D” Unarmed Security License (Monday – Friday / 9:00am – 6:00pm

You get the “D” Class a 42-hours course which covers Chapter 493 Florida Statute, Chapter 5N-1 FL. Administrative Code, Chapter 790 FL. Weapons and Firearms, Chapter 316 FL. Statute Vehicles Used by Security Agencies also help you fill out the “D” application and notarized it for the state & get your certificate of completion and fingerprinting. So, you can work as an unarmed security officer, must be 18 – years old to get a “D” license.

The fee’s are $160.00 for Class D Fees must be be paid the week before class start day at the 365 Academy Group Training Class


 We offer the Concealed to Carry classes as well. 

CLASS “G” SECURITY OFFICER: $200.00 (Imagen al lado)

 28 hr “G” Armed Security License (Monday – Thursday / 9:00am – 5:00pm)

 4 hr “G” Annual Re-qualification (Available By Appointment)

 You get the “G” Class a 28-hour course which covers the legal aspects of the use of the firearms, FS. 493, FS. 775, FS. 776, FS. 790, civil and criminal liability, operational firearms safety, firearms mechanical training, firearms qualification. The class includes (2) B-34 targets, ears & eye protection, 144 rounds (9mm) ammunition, use of a 9mm semi-auto handgun, also help you fill out the “G” application and notarized it for the state & get your certificate of completion. So, you can work as an armed security officer, must be 18 years old to get a “G” license.


Re-qualifications are $80.00, it’s a 4-hour class. If you need to qualify on more than one handgun, it’s $50.00 for additional caliber. (Price does not include ammo or use of firearm).

The fees are $200.00 for Class G and $80.00 for re-qualification

Fees must be paid the week before class start day at the 365 Academy  Group Training Class


Specialized Courses

“No textbook, video or speech can compare to the hands-on, real-life situation training that they are passionate and devoted to giving.” –

Introduction to Pistol CWP Permit 

This class will serve as a starting point for your foundation to handgun education. It is designed for those who are new to firearms and want to obtain the CWP Permit and be more competent around a pistol. The main goal of this ½ day course is to master the basics and to safely operate and maintain a handgun.

Course Learning Points:

  • Safe Gun Handling.
  • The Five major rules of firearms.
  • Concealed weapons and Florida Law.
  • Castle doctrine.
  • When NOT to shoot.
  • Traveling with a firearm.
  • Reciprocity with other states.
  • Places you can carry a gun concealed, and places you can’t.

Carry techniques & Selecting the right gear – competition verses everyday carry

  • Proper mindset.

.Pistol nomenclature

  • Types of ammunition.

Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship

Proper draw stroke

Various types or reloads – Weapon side

Various malfunction clearing drills – Weapon side

Range safety rules and command

Pretest – student evaluation

Selecting the right gear – competition verses everyday carry

Administrative loading and unloading

Types of ammunition.

 Equipment required: 

  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear plugs or muffs
  • Primary pistol
  • Extra Magazines – 2 minimum
  • Ammo: 500 rounds (for the caliber of pistol used)
  • Hand towel

Duration:        ½  Day

Cost:           $150.00

Ladies Handgun – Part 1 

365 Academy Group offers ladies only classes which are focused on firearm handling for self defense purposes.

This class is designed to help train ladies who would like to familiarize themselves with a handgun if the need ever calls for them to protect themselves at home or out in public.

We have a 2 part handgun course which is broken up into 5 hours for each level course. This allows for each student to learn and progress at a steady pace without being overwhelmed with too much information during the class.


Handgun Level 1 Course Outline:    

Range safety rules and commands

Prevailing mindset

Pistol nomenclature

Proper equipment placement

Firearm Marksmanship Fundamentals


Handgun handling:                              

Various stances

Grip placement


Trigger control

Sight alignment

Sight picture

Multiple threats

Various reloading options

Malfunction clearing drills

Duration: 5 Hours

Tuition: $150.00


Handgun Level 2 Course Outline:

Effective bullet placement

Support side shooting – 2 hands

One handed shooting

One handed reloading – (Right / Left)

One handed malfunction clearing drills – (Right / Left)

Shooting from / through a handbag

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $200

Advanced Concealed Carry Handgun Training


This class is tailored for the more serious and responsible shooter who carries a handgun on a daily basis and wants to train for the unknown. Every day we pray that we will never have to use it but when the time comes, we are mentally and physically prepared if such an event should occur.

This course is not your typical basic handgun course and requires that you are proficient and safe with your handgun before attending. Completion of a reputable Handgun course is required before attending this class to ensure that all students are at the same level of training. (Course Certificate required before registration.

Students must possess or have proof that they had applied for a concealed carry permit prior to attending this course.

All students need to be aware that this class runs at a different pace compared to our Level 1 course due to the content being taught and it requires students to be skilled with their firearm.

Course Outline:

Bullet placement and multiple shots

Mindset and target identification

Drawing and shooting from concealment – (clothing, not structures)

Reloading from concealment – (clothing, not structures)

Shooting from various distances

Protecting your partner / family – (Basic Executive Protection drills)

Engaging the threat with obstacles – (Street survival drills)

Engaging multiple threats / multiple targets

Shooting in confined spaces and around vehicles

Weapon retention and take aways – (Demonstration only)

 Equipment required:

Handgun – One you carry daily

Spare magazines – at least 3 or whatever you carry daily

Concealment garment

Shooting glasses

Ear plugs or muffs

C.C.W holster – (IWB allowed but must remain open when re-holstering your pistol)

Spare mag pouch – even if you don’t carry one, bring one

Ammunition – Handgun x 500 rounds minimum

Ball Cap or hat

Vehicle – Students will be required to use their own vehicle for this drill

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $300

Home Defense Close Quarter Techniques (CQT)

This home defense close quarter techniques course is designed to teach home owners how to properly move through and clear their residence in case of an intruder.

These techniques will also include skills on how to secure family members into a safe area of the house until law enforcement officers arrive on scene.

We offer realistic training scenarios in our Force on Force FX Simulation house which will help you deal with all home defense situations. There is no live fire during this class, only Force on Force training which all pistols and safety equipment will be provided.


Course content:

Family safety versus being a hunter

Understanding strong points in your house

Fight or flight decisions

Advantage angles

Close Quarter techniques: doors, rooms, passage ways, stairs, corners

Force on force FX training

Realistic scenarios


Equipment required:

Ball cap or hat

Shooting glasses


Groin protection

Hand towel

Protective knee pads

Glock 17 / 22 receiver and recoil spring only  –  if you own one

Decent outside pistol belt holster –  Glock 17 holster preferred for SIM pistols

Decent outside belt magazine pouch – Glock 17 magazine pouches preferred for SIM pistols

Weapon mounted light – optional – if you use one for home defense

Decent handheld flashlight with spare batteries and more than one if you have them

Duration: 1 Day

Tuition: $300.00

(Limited to 10 students)


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