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Peter Montalvo / CEO

petterBefore 365 Security Management Group (SMG), Mr. Peter Montalvo has had over 25 years in the field of law enforcement and private security sector, he began his career as City Police Officer in Guaynabo PR, in his first year he received two awards, one as “Rokie” of the year, and the second one the “Heroic Act medal” in line of duty. In the early 1990 he was selected to join the Puerto Rico Police Department as a undercover agent for the Drug and Vices Bureau, he worked in many high-risk units like United Force Rapid Action (FURA) where he was responsible to implement all strategies and logistical to be effectively in the combat of the illegal trafficking of drugs, narcotics, firearms and immigrants in the Caribbean, his unit has the responsibility to detect low-flying aircrafts, ships and smaller vessels carrying drugs across the seas to the South Mexican cartel and South America like Colombia, Honduras and El Salvador after that, he was assigned to Tactical Unit Operations (DOT) and SRT. During his career he served on the governor protective details (GPDs) and on the Superintendent of the Police Department, also one of his duties was to protect and escort foreign visitors to Puerto Rico and official representatives of the United States and their immediate families performing special missions abroad. Mr. Montalvo has received several Awards and Recognition from the Puerto Rico Police as “Medal of Valor” three times. After severally years of standing service he honorably retired from the Puerto Rico Police Department as a Police Sergeant.

Mr. Montalvo worked as a Private Investigator. His responsibilities was identify,  investigate and take legal action against dishonest employees and gather evidence of false claims to insurance companies and major banking institutions. He has several certifications and advanced trainings on Personal Protection, Corporate and Industrial Security, Management of crowd control.  In his career he had the opportunity to work in many details in the protection of celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Luis Fonsi, Victor Manuel, Gloria Trevi, Ricardo Arjona, Ricardo Montaner, Franco de Vita, David Bisbal Gilberto Santa Rosa, Mana, Enrique Iglesias, Cristian Castro, Miriam Hernandez, Miguel Varonni, Amanda Miguel, Marc Anthony, Natasha Klauss, Alfonso Batista, Ruben Blades, Marco Antonio Solis and many others.


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