365 SMG’s personal escorts will accompany you as you spend a night visiting your favorite restaurant or lounge; your escort will give you plenty of space so that you can entertain your guest/s but close enough assist if the need arises.

We now offer multilingual escorts for our international clients

Family Protection Detail

A-Family Drivers & Child Transportation: At 365 SMG we understand that the safety of your children is and will always be your highest priority so we make that our priority as well. We can provide you with the most experienced security officers who will keep those who are too young to protect themselves safe and secure as they go on about their day. We will be by your child to and from school to any after school activities and appointments they might have throughout the day. We have both male and female drivers to fit your preference and regardless of gender you can rest assured your child is in capable hands. All of our security chauffeurs are submitted to regular background checks to ensure that only the best of the best will be place in charge of the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones at anytime